Video Pipe Inspection


Video Pipeline Inspection

You need a plumber that specializes in determining the condition and identification of problems in underground or otherwise concealed pipe systems. Identifying problems quickly and early, as opposed to the conventional “guess and dig” method, saves our customers a fortune. With Speedy Rooter Underground, we make finding problems as easy as 1, 2, 3.



Our First Move

First, we send a high resolution color camera system through the pipe. As we push the camera through, we are viewing in “real time” the condition of the pipe via our video monitor. All information is recorded on VCD (Video Compact Disc) or VHS videotape at the time of the inspection for future reference.

What Comes Next

Next, we determine the problem. In this case, we see a broken section of pipe at a distance of 46.7 feet from the access point where we inserted the camera. On screen running footage is captured from the point of entry to the total length of the run. We control the device with an onboard control system in our truck.

Locating From the Outside

Once the problem has been determined, we are able to locate the surface position of the problem. Since pipes rarely run in a straight line, in addition to having grade changes, a location “transponder” must be employed. This device sends a signal from the camera which we are able to track from the surface precisely marking the point the repair is needed. It also provides the depth to the pipe. This vital information will help you get accurate estimates for the needed repair.