Leak Detection Sioux CityYour Problem – Plumbing Flaws Requiring Attention

Water and Sewer plumbing can be quite tricky. With Cooper tubing coming to and end there is more trust going towards new technologies in piping some of which is not as reliable as what it used to be.

This type of technology is not the safest and often times results in cracks needing a full blown inspection to do the trick. You need a reliable and trusted plumber to come in and take a look at what needs to be done for your particular leak or crack in your pipe system.




crawlerSolution – Underground Tech with CCTV Inspection 

Using world leading technology in Closed circuit television video (CCTV) inspection, rehabilitation, pipe profiling and equipment pipe inspection. Once you find a reliable reliable plumber, they will be able to use a device to crawl through spaces and identify cracks in larger pipes. This same technology can be used in smaller pipes too however purchasing the equipment yourself can be quite a hassle and add up fast.


We recommend finding a reliable plumber or drain technician like a Sioux City Plumber that offers a huge arsenal of plumbing related tools and knowledge.

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